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Jan. 9th, 2009 | 09:40 pm
music: Believe It - Sasquatch

Well folks, it's a new year and all sorts of shit has happened recently with both the personal and professional life of yours truly. I'm forcing myself to write a blog since I made the mistake of starting one in the first place. I figure I might as well keep the lie that people care about what happens to me, and that what happens to me is even moderately interesting, alive.
The story of my year as a mechanic for a professional cycling team is shaping up to be the most unfunny joke ever told because we still don't have any frames to turn into whole bicycles and I don't think they are going to get here before I leave for Argentina next week, which means I'm going to be nothing but pounded in the ass once our training camp starts. A training camp which starts a day or two after I return from Argentina. I will however be bringing back a select few of my readers a souvenir, so send me a nice email before wednesday the 15th and I might actually bring you a dried up horse turd, or whatever Argentina is famous for. They're the ones that have the vaqueros right? Horses poop don't they? Anyway, I'm pretty damn fired up for yet more international travel, and I'm not saying that with any amount of detectible sarcasm in my voice. This is truly the reason I've always wanted to do this job; hang out of cars adjusting derailleurs in exotic new lands? Are you f'n kidding?! Adventure! I'm mostly just ecstatic that I don't have to drive the van and trailer to Tierra del Fuego or anything. That's pretty awesome.
I was also quite chagrined and dismayed to wake up at the end of my first drive across the country this year to find that I'm actually PAYING to live in California. If you've ever met me, you know I'm pretty stupid, but now you understand the depths at which my stupidity flows. If stupid could cause desalination, I'd be the Gulf Stream, and Europe would already be the frozen wasteland it is destined to become.
The where and why of living in California can be answered in fairly short order. I'm living in Santa Rosa, 50 miles north of San Fran, a region I think might not be utterly destroyed by the 'big one,' but I don't really know or care if that is correct. The why? I got engaged to a very pretty lady that took a job with a different, unnamed, pro cycling team that is based in the aforementioned city in NorCal.
So it's a mixed bag I think. I'm very excited for the upcoming trip to Argentina, and some further international travel with the team planned for this year but I was an idiot and didn't buy the Spanish Rosetta Stone as soon as I found out I was going, which means I'm going as another stupid American that can't speak the language. What's even sadder is that it's Spanish. Shouldn't we all know Spanish by now? Too bad they don't speak French there. There's always the Tour de Beauce I guess.....
While there are a few things in life that I'm finding a bit frustrating at the moment, the engagement obviously trumps all of those things and makes me feel like I've been walking around with stones in my pockets for my entire life, and now they are all gone. An odd metaphor, yes, but that's how I feel goddamnit. If you don't like my metaphors, please stop reading my blog. Photos:

If you cross the boarder into California via interstate highway, this is how you'll be greeted: large trucks with large tires hauling large trailers. Trailers that are filled with dirt-bikes. Not a recipe for fuel efficiency, but wtf, we aren't gonna move on until it's all gone. It's just our way. I sadly fit in pretty well with the team rig, getting what I calculated to be between 7.4 and 8.6 MPG depending on wind conditions all the way from Charlotte, NC to Santa Rosa. Damn.....

This is for Monie Campo. It's stuck to the pallets of my toolbox so I'll always have a reminder of Seven Pounds. I love the entire Campo Family and I usually seem to miss them most when I'm gone.

Another landmark event occurred in my life this winter: I managed to get the best ice-beard I've ever had while on a good, long xc-ski with my pal, Matt. God my beard is awesome.

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from: newskull
date: Jan. 10th, 2009 05:31 pm (UTC)

Man, that beard ice photo is the best. On some of the local bike forums people post these little frosty beard photos and it's just funny. You never see actual hanging icicles.

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