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Saving the Worst for Last

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Oct. 4th, 2008 | 02:26 pm
music: Birds - Butthole Surfers

I can officially say the season is over. Sadly it ended with one of the more brutal drives I had to do this year. I was flown out to the land decency forgot, did the interbike thing then drove the new team car back to the Motherland once it was over. I left Las Vegas Friday late Friday afternoon, drove for twelve hours, folded one of the seats down at about four in the morning, slept for an hour, woke up from the cold, took all of the t-shirts out of my backpack and covered up with them, slept for another hour, woke up from the cold and kept driving for another twenty-three hours until I found myself, miraculously in my driveway. It was not fun, but it didn't last long.
Interbike was more or less cool. It was interesting going to a trade show as news of a coming economic meltdown was breaking. It was sort of like of the cover to the Black Flag album, Nervous Breakdown and we were the guys with the chair, and the guy bearing his fists in the corner was the bike industry. That being said, Glen still managed to secure some pretty sweet deals with people so that's good. Interbike is usually a good source of inspiration though, being that you're around some of the best and the brightest the cycling industry has to offer, and I think I had about two good ideas while I was there. The first really good idea I had was to pick the biggest flat-bill-souther-california-looking jack-ass I could find on the floor of the show and pretend like I thought he was some famous moto-cross dude and see if I could get him to take a picture with me. The thing that put the brakes on that idea was that in the past year the flat-bill-southern-california-looking jack-ass archetype has been eclipsed, nay forcefully deposed by the tits-and-tats-affliction-tshirt-las vegas-looking-UFC-cagefighter-wannabe dude, and frankly, while lame, they could still probably beat me up, so I just passed on that idea entirely. I also came up with a really good band name while I was walking the showroom floor, but I've since forgotten it. Yes folks, I'm never going to be your boss. I may be your janitor, but never your boss.
Now that the season is over the big goal constantly comes back to the idle hands being the devil's tools crap I always talk about on this blog. I've been doing some framebuilding type of work, which has been a massive pain in the ass, but it's better than taking up smoking. My girlfriend has gone off to finish her degree at school so I don't have her to bother and work issues are slowly strangling my dream of doing a bike tour. Damn. I haven't given up on that yet though. I just might be riding through a little snow towards the end.... Nothing I haven't done before. Photos!
I've got a few from Tour of Missouri and interbike.

Lars Boom is cool for a couple of reasons in my book:
1. He's a cyclocross world champion
2. He isn't too cool to wash a car for his team.

I have a dream job. 4:30am, cold, dark, and rainy. Pretty great.... Missouri in September? I don't need any long pants. Ooops.

The Easton booth at Interbike had some good Bissell stuff up. I've used my boss for scale. You should buy some Easton stuff, Jerky.

This is the best, funniest thing I saw at Interbike. I'm guessing it was this guy's first time at the show. Sometimes it's just not enough to show up for work after a long night. I'd also like to point out that it's like ten in the morning and this young chap is still down for the count.

Some off-season fun-time shots. Shooting rats at the train-yard and doing a repair I should have said no to.

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